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Prime Vitality is the leading brand dedicated to empowering individuals to optimize their physical and mental well-being through high-quality, science-backed products and personalized wellness solutions. Our commitment to innovation and transparency ensures that our patients can trust us to support their journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

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About Dr. Shiv K. Goel

The mind behind Prime Vitality.

“I want to create a perfect balance of harmony among people,” stated Dr. Goel, “because until we are healed from within, we can never be healed completely.” Here at “Prime Vitality,” we can help you walk side by side during your health and wellness journey through a multi-dimensional step-wise process. I believe in teaching the art of living and treating the mind, body, and soul”.

From becoming an M.D. of Anesthesiology in New Delhi, India, to attending the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Queens Hospital Center New York, Dr. Shiv Goel has been on the move, continuously pushing himself to a higher level – from being a medical student to an American Board of Internal Medicine Board Certified Doctor, healing patients and teaching medical students and residents at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. He is also board certified in Aesthetic and Functional Medicine. Due to his passion and belief in functional and aesthetic medicine has acquired multiple certifications in the fields of anti-aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Peptide Therapy, Medical weight loss therapy, Medical and non-invasive Hair Loss Therapy, Liposuction multiple approaches, bodytite, facetite, My Ellevate and in numerous other fields of aesthetic medicine.

“I understand how my patients feel,” he added. “I am human too, and I went through many difficult experiences as a child, dealing with serious medical problems in my own family. The lack of basic medical knowledge is a huge issue. If we do not know what causes medical pain, how can we make a change? “I feel that my role as a physician is to make my patients aware of the root causes of their health issues so they can make a difference in their approach to addressing them in their strategy to retain and maintain good health and well-being.

Everyone is unique and different based on their genetic makeup, influenced by their unique lifestyle and experiences, affecting their health in multiple ways. People are getting sicker and aging much more quickly than they should. It’s not just the lifespan but the health span of our life, too, which is essential. I believe aging is beautiful as long as we live our life consciously and do not just become unaware sufferers of our lifestyle and choices.

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