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We believe that true wellness includes nurturing ourselves both inside and out – taking treatments beyond traditional and holistic healthcare. Our approach is intentional, spending quality time with our patients to establish quality care and real results.

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A functional approach to healing

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After a detailed physical and emotional wellbeing assessment, you will receive a personalized wellness plan to address your specific needs and risks. This will include age-appropriate advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our staff will provide guidance on every steps of your treatment plan.

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Prime Vitality Body + Skin Treatments​

5/5 Mike O.
“I had four operations last year and unfortunately it aged me. I went to Dr. Goel for help. He put me on hormone replacement therapy, 3 rounds of Morpheus8 and Botox. Today I ook younger than I did 10 years ago and I feel great when I look in the mirror now. Thank you Dr. Goel!”
David G.
“Dr. Goel is the best!!! It’s great to have him as my primary physician as well as health advisor!! He’s is the only one that has listened and cared about my health!! I strongly suggest you make an appointment and be ready to change your life!!! Everyone in the office is the best!!”
Jose D.
“Dr. Goel sets the standard for excellent provider care and his staff at Prime Vitality is incredible. His expertise and willingness to fully listen to patients provides exceptional concierge medicine and personalized holistic care. He provides a variety of therapies at his medical spa with specially trained staff who provide continuous communication to make you at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Goel and a visit to Prime Vitality Medical Spa.”


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About Dr. Shiv K. Goel

The mind behind Prime Vitality.

“I want to create a perfect balance of harmony among people,” stated Dr. Goel, “because until we are healed from within, we can never be healed completely.” Here at “Prime Vitality,” we can help you walk side by side during your health and wellness journey through a multi-dimensional step-wise process. I believe in teaching the art of living and treating the mind, body, and soul”.

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Body aesthetic treatments are for anyone ready to look and feel their best. Visit with our team to discuss the right path for you and how to maintain results long term.

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