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Achieve your best health with Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine is a membership-based healthcare plan that combines personalized care with accessibility and convenience. With Concierge Medicine, you will have direct access to your doctor and a personalized care plan tailored to your unique needs. We believe in spending more time with our patients, getting to know them on a deeper level, and working together to prevent illness and manage chronic conditions.

How Concierge Medicine Works

Book your first appointment.

Visit our office and meet with Dr. Goel to talk about any concerns or goals you have for your health.

Receive attentive + personalized care.

After a detailed physical and emotional wellbeing assessment, you will receive a personalized wellness plan to address your specific needs and risks. This will include age-appropriate advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our staff will provide guidance on every steps of your treatment plan.

Unlimited visits + care when you need it.

Come back as much as you need to track your progress or for management of chronic medical problems. Courtesy hospital visits at Main Methodist Hospital.

What's included?

Annual comprehensive physical exam

Unlimited acute visits for new problems

Coordination of specialist care

24/7 access to YOUR primary care physician

Pre-operative evaluations

Coumadin Managemenm

Preventative care consultations

Weight loss counseling

Women’s health counseling

Diabetic management

Nutrition counseling

Virtual visits

High blood pressure management

High cholesterol management

Cold & flu treatment

Allergy treatment

Discount medication program

Select vaccinations*

Influenza & Covid

Who is Concierge Medicine for?

Concierge Medicine is perfect for anyone looking for consistent and accessible care. We know how important your health goals are. With our step-wise approach you will have a team on your side that knows your medical history and builds a strategic plan with your needs in mind.

Concierge Medicine

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About Dr. Shiv K. Goel

The mind behind Prime Vitality.

“I want to create a perfect balance of harmony among people,” stated Dr. Goel, “because until we are healed from within, we can never be healed completely.” Here at “Prime Vitality,” we can help you walk side by side during your health and wellness journey through a multi-dimensional step-wise process. I believe in teaching the art of living and treating the mind, body, and soul”.

Frequently Asked Questions

The flat monthly fee for basic concierge or direct primary care is an out-of-pocket expense. Depending on your specific care needs, you might incur additional fees for services like outside labs or executive health assessments. Your health insurance company may reimburse some of these costs if the physician is considered an out-of-network provider.

Concierge care is not an insurance alternative—you still need coverage for hospitalizations and specialty referrals. Since routine care is covered by your membership, though, you can consider switching to a “high-deductible” health plan to save money. Contact your benefits representative or health insurance company to see what can be paid from your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) as well.

As part of your physician’s commitment to preventive care and your health, you’ll receive an annual physical, normally lasting at least 60 minutes, same day or next day appointments, no waiting when you arrive at the office.

Dr. Goel offers annual memberships on a limited basis. You can either choose to pay a monthly membership fee, pay quarterly, or annually. We offer 10% discount for those who choose to pay yearly membership.



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