Shiv Goel, MD

Shiv Goel, MD

Shiv Goel, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine doctor who specializes in functional and aesthetic medicine.

In recent years, facial aesthetic treatments have witnessed exponential growth in popularity, providing individuals with non-surgical options to rejuvenate and enhance their appearance. However, with the plethora of treatments available, patients often come to us at Prime Vitality with a myriad of questions. We understand that the decision to undergo any aesthetic treatment can be daunting, and knowledge is the key to making informed choices. Here, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about facial aesthetic treatments.

Are facial treatments painful? 

Most facial treatments are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Procedures like FaceTite, PDO threads, and MyEllevate usually involve local anesthesia, ensuring minimal discomfort. For treatments like facial fillers and neurotoxins like Botox, a topical numbing cream can be applied prior to the injections to minimize any potential pain.

What kind of results can I expect from each procedure? 

Each treatment offers distinct outcomes:

  • FaceTite: Skin tightening and contouring coupled with increased collagen production.
  • MyEllevate: Enhanced jawline definition and neck appearance with a reduction in sagging skin.
  • Liquid facelifts: Volumizing and smoothing of facial wrinkles.
  • PDO threads: Instant skin lifting and tightening.
  • Facial fillers: Volume restoration and wrinkle reduction.
  • Botox and other neurotoxins: Relaxation of facial muscles, resulting in a reduction of dynamic wrinkles.

How long will my results last? 

The longevity of results varies for each type of facial aesthetic procedure:

  • Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and other neurotoxins produce results that typically last 3-6 months.
  • Dermal fillers can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.
  • Procedures like FaceTite provide more long-term results that can last several years.
  • PDO threads offer results that can persist for up to a year or longer.

What are the potential side effects?

As with all medical procedures, there are potential side effects. Common side effects across most treatments include swelling, bruising, and temporary discomfort. With injectables like Botox, there may be a risk of drooping eyelids or uneven results, but these are rare when administered by skilled professionals. Rarely, patients might experience allergic reactions or infections. You will discuss potential side effects with Dr. G before undergoing any procedure.

Is there any downtime?

Downtime varies based on the procedure:

  • FaceTite: A few days to a week of downtime, with a compression garment worn post-procedure.
  • MyEllevate: Minimal to no downtime.
  • Liquid facelifts: Minimal downtime, but some patients may experience bruising.
  • PDO threads: Possible mild swelling or bruising, with most individuals returning to routine activities within a week.
  • Facial fillers and Botox and other neurotoxins like Dysport: Generally no significant downtime, but slight bruising or swelling might occur.

Can I combine treatments for enhanced results? 

Absolutely! Many treatments can be combined to achieve holistic results, and we can develop a plan tailored to your aesthetic concerns that combines treatments to realize your treatment goals! For instance, PDO threads can be paired with facial fillers or Botox to lift, tighten, fill-out, and smooth your skin for comprehensive rejuvenation.

Facial aesthetic treatments offer remarkable results with minimal downtime, making them a favorite choice for those seeking a youthful, refreshed appearance. The key is to understand what each treatment entails and set realistic expectations. Always ensure you’re working with a trained, experienced professional — like Dr. G — and openly communicate your concerns and desires so that an aesthetic treatment plan can be developed that is right for you! Ready to rejuvenate your look? Schedule a consultation at Prime Vitality to determine the best treatment for your unique needs!

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