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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Experience a new lease on life with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) at Prime Vitality. Our personalized TRT protocols aim to alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone, enhancing your physical strength, emotional wellbeing, and sexual health. With varied treatment options, including gels, injections, and implantable pellets, we cater to your unique lifestyle and preferences. Expect benefits like improved muscle mass, bone density, and energy levels, as well as elevated mood and cognitive function. We prioritize your safety, carefully monitoring therapy for any potential side effects and adjusting as needed for optimal results. Contact Prime Vitality today and step into a more energetic, stronger, and vibrant version of yourself with TRT. 

What concerns can testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) address?

TRT can improve many symptoms such as:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Fatigue
  • Low mood
  • Low muscle mass
Plus, it can be used for gender-affirming therapy. 

Testosterone replacement therapy is a well-tolerated therapy to support men's health. Plus, it's conveniently located at our functional medicine clinic and medical spa in San Antonio.

Results that last

What you can expect

At Prime Vitality, you will come into a welcoming office where Dr. Goel will listen to your concerns, and then create a plan to help you look and feel your best. Testosterone replacement therapy is great for people who:

  • Want a long-lasting solution for low testosterone-related symptoms
  • Want custom plans made specifically for their concerns
  • Are seeking an experienced medical professional with a 5-star rating for both functional medicine and aesthetic services

Frequently asked questions

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a treatment protocol designed to restore deficient testosterone levels in men. It’s primarily recommended for those experiencing the effects of low testosterone or hypogonadism, such as reduced sexual function, mood changes, loss of muscle mass, and more. The decrease in testosterone levels can be a natural result of aging or stem from medical conditions like obesity, kidney failure, or liver cirrhosis. TRT aims to restore testosterone levels and alleviate the associated symptoms by supplementing the body’s natural production of this vital hormone.

TRT offers a variety of benefits primarily revolving around reversing the negative effects of low testosterone. This can mean improved muscle strength and bone density, enhanced sexual function, elevated mood, increased energy levels, and enhanced cognitive function. Additionally, TRT has been associated with fat loss and potential cardiovascular benefits. The specific benefits can vary between individuals and are influenced by overall health, lifestyle, and the severity of testosterone deficiency.

While individual results can vary, most patients can expect to see a reduction in the symptoms of low testosterone over time. This may include increased energy, improved mood and cognition, a boost in libido, and enhanced muscle mass and bone density. Some may also experience reduced body fat and a greater sense of well-being. It’s important to remember that the body needs time to adjust to the new hormone levels, so changes may not be immediate.

There are several methods of administering testosterone for TRT. These include skin patches or gels, injections, and implantable pellets. Skin patches/gels are applied daily, providing a steady release of testosterone into the bloodstream. Injections are typically administered every one to two weeks by a healthcare provider or at home. Implantable pellets are inserted under the skin every 3-6 months and provide a steady release of testosterone. The best method for an individual depends on their lifestyle, personal preference, and health situation.

TRT can be delivered in several ways, including testosterone gels (like Androgel), compounded testosterone creams, testosterone injections, and testosterone pellet therapy. The choice between these types largely depends on individual preference, lifestyle, cost, and potential side effects. Some men might prefer daily topical applications, while others may prefer less frequent injections or pellet insertions.

Like any medical treatment, TRT has potential risks and side effects. These can include acne, breast enlargement, water retention, and changes in cholesterol levels. More serious but rare risks include sleep apnea and blood clots. Most side effects are manageable and resolve over time. It’s crucial to have regular follow-ups with a healthcare provider to monitor treatment efficacy and adjust dosage if necessary.

The cost of TRT varies depending on the form of therapy and the strength. For example, testosterone injections can range from $20 to $200 per injection, while testosterone gels can be $200 to $300 per month. Dr. G will help you to understand the total costs associated with TRT before you begin your treatment. Don’t let age-related testosterone decline hold you back. It’s time to reclaim your vitality by contacting Prime Vitality for your TRT consultation!

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