Evolve X is a non-invasive body contouring slimming technology. Best results are achieved 4-6 weeks after your final session as the fat cells continue to flush allowing your body time to change and adjust. The results of this innovative approach to weight loss is shocking the world. 

EvolveX is the only all-in-one system equipped with three clinically proven technologies:

  • Tite (Bipolar RF)

  • Tone (EMS)

  • Transform (Bipolar RF + EMS)​

The EvolveX System with Transform

The EvolveX System with the Tite, tone and Transform in RF and EMS mode for the treatment of fat reduction, prevention of disuse atrophy, maintaining or increasing range of motion, muscle re-education, relaxation of muscle spasms and increasing local blood circulation which not only reduce fat, tones underlying muscle, but also tightens loose skin.

Evolve X is the ultimate hands-free platform transforming total body contouring and taking it to
the next level. It the best non-excisional alternatives to remodel skin, treat fat, sculpt abdomens, lift buttocks, and tone hips.


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Evolve X can be combined with any of our other weight loss programs to deliver synergistic layering treatments to enhance transformative results that remodel skin, target adipose tissue, and tone muscles.

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